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Image analysis technology - fashion focused.

A woman wearing a floral dress and pink flats. Fashion index categorizes the outfit as minimalist, bohemian and casual. There are a similar dress and flats that has a matching score of 90%

Fashion Index

This exclusive technology continually analyzes fashion leaders and influencers for the most up-to-date information. Our image-analysis API can then automatically predict, identify, and classify objects within complex images.

Computer Vision

Trained with guidance from fashion experts and big data, our proprietary AI search engine maps and filters an array of noisy data from a variety of channels to distill unique and impactful insights.

A map of how the AI categorizes the images. Zoomed into a region are where the white shoes are categorized.
The personalization engine consists of images that the customer uploads, their browsing history and previous purchases.

Personalization Engine

Our Personalization Engine uses machine learning to keep track of historical shopper behavior and purchase details over time, offering tailored recommendations to each shopper.

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