Smart Upsell

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Personalize your upsell recommendations to each individual customer with powerful AI and deep learning technology that goes beyond browsing history.

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On the product detail page of a long silk dress, 3 other dresses are recommended in the "You Might Also Like" section.

Key Features


Recommend additional products to your customers as they navigate various touch points throughout your store. 


Fully customizable to fit your store’s design. Customize on a product-to-product basis.


Our technology will automatically sync and update with your product catalogue.

Boost Sales & Revenue

Each customer will experience your product upgrade recommendations in a dynamic and unique way, increasing the likelihood of conversion. Your site will react to customer inputs, such as browsing and purchase history. Our AI will predict which products should be displayed based on its knowledge of the users inputs.

Product page and product detail page of a pair of ruffle wide leg pants, there are three similar suggestions.
An image that shows that other also bought similar yellow dresses and rompers.

Relevant Suggestions Generated by AI

Our proprietary deep learning AI models generate accurate recommendations for all of your products regardless of category or style.