Smart Search

search using images, search suggestions, & filter

Fashion is visual - elevate your customer’s search experience through visual search. With our AI powered Smart Search your customers will be able to easily navigate your product catalogues - using their own images.

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Visual search results. On the left, it shows the image that the customer uploaded. Top, bottom and shoes are identified. The customer is able to filter the price range, colours and size. On the right shows 4 visual search results of boots similar to the uploaded image.

Key Features


Our AI is able to analyze and categorize various products from your store and match them to visually similar products from your catalogue.


Our AI technology provides a new way for customers to search through your product catalogues using their own uploaded images.


With visual search, your customers will receive fast and accurate results - every single time.

AI Powered Visual Search

Empower your customers with a more interactive and personalized search experience. With ScopeMedia's AI Visual Search customers will be able to filter through your product catalogue using their own uploaded images or visually similar product images found in your store.

An image of a man wearing a Hawaiian shirt, shorts and sneakers. The three items are identified and the shirt is selected.
A search box that shows the letters "sh" are typed. The search suggestion shows shorts, shirts and shoes. The product suggestions hows faux leather shorts, drape wrap shirt and minimal white shoes.

Instant Search

ScopeMedia's Instant Search is not only faster but also offers additional features such as search suggestions and accompanying product images. This creates an easier shopping experience that is not reliant on exact word matches.

Collection Filters

When it comes to large product catalogues, collection filters save the day. This feature paves the way for easy navigation of large catalogues by narrowing down the search with relevant product characteristics such as color, size, price, and more.

Search result for tops. On the left are filters which shows that sweatshirts are selected.