Smart Bundle

ai-generated product bundles

With our Smart Bundle you can choose to customize bundles manually or let our smart technology do its work, allowing it to fully personalizing product bundles to each individual customer.

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Frequently bought together bundle that consists of a green floral dress, black strappy heels and studded floral purse.

Key Features

smart technology

Uses various sources of data to create personalized bundles that will resonate with your customers.

fully customizable

You can choose to create your own bundles based on your own preferences.


Automated to constantly learn, improve, and automatically sync with your product catalogue.

Incentivize Purchases with Discounts & Promotions

Apply a custom discount or promo that is exclusive to your bundles, motivating your customers to buy more with each purchase.

Frequently bought together bundle that shows a honeycomb lace dress, black heels, and black sunglasses. There's a 10% discount if bought together.
Frequently bought together, tan bucket hat, wayfarer sunglasses and a skateboard.

Speed Up Your Conversion Flow

When a customer visits a product page, the bundle related to that product will be displayed. Customers can automatically add the bundle to their shopping cart, streamlining the conversion flow.

Fully Customizable

Default bundles are generated based on existing sales data and are continually optimized using ScopeMedia's Al. You can also choose to manually edit bundles on a product to product basis.

Client dashboard where the client can manually edit the bundle