ScopeBoutique is an omnichannel sales tool that allows retailers to provide personalized recommendations using powerful artificial intelligence. ScopeMedia’s proprietary computer vision technology analyzes images for visual similarity, outfit matching, and overall style to provide customized fashion advice. ScopeBoutique transforms customers’ mobile phones into personal style assistants and static in-store displays into dynamic targeted marketing. This technology will also enhance the advice given by sales associates. Your customers will receive intelligent, personalized recommendations with ScopeStyle on their phone, ScopeActive in your store, and ScopeAssist in your hand.


ScopeStyle is a consumer-facing mobile application that combines the convenience of eCommerce with the personalization of traditional brick and mortar shopping and provides targeted style recommendations. Uploaded images are analysed by ScopeMedia’s proprietary computer vision technology for image similarity, style, and outfit matching. This analysis allows ScopeStyle to make customized recommendations that are aligned with users’ specific preferences.

Main Features

  • Browse millions of products and thousands of brands
  • Search for items using an image as inspiration
  • Find pieces to create complete looks
  • Compare outfits by checking your Fashion Score
  • Discover stores near you


ScopeActive is an interactive in-store display that engages customers while providing targeted recommendations and capturing vital customer data. When someone approaches the screen, ScopeActive captures an image, which is analysed by ScopeMedia’s proprietary style recognition technology. Based on the person’s style, ScopeActive displays recommendations, taking into account the current season and available inventory. These product recommendations can be refined by uploading lookbook images to train ScopeMedia’s deep learning model on your brand identity. You can also adjust the recommendations manually to promote sales or featured products.

Main Features

  • Display personalized, targeted recommendations
  • Organically promote products and sales
  • Collect demographic information (age, height, gender…)
  • Captivate customers with brand-specific fashion scores


ScopeAssist is a tablet application that empowers your sales associates with detailed customer information, product matching, and searching. The information collected by ScopeActive is available through ScopeAssist, allowing you to present your customers with consistent information and a customized experience. ScopeAssist can also be integrated with your POS system to ensure your customers only see items they can buy. This technology puts advanced recommendations and real-time inventory information in the palm of your hand.

Main Features

  • View demographic information (age, height, gender…)
  • Search for products to provide advanced recommendations
  • Integrate with ScopeActive and/or your POS system