ScopeMedia Announces AI-Powered Fashion Product Suite

VANCOUVER, Canada – January 30, 2017 – ScopeMedia is debuting ScopeFashion, a suite of fashion products, at WWDMAGIC in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 12-14.

“ScopeFashion uses advanced AI technology to meet the needs of designers, suppliers, and retailers by engaging customers and offering personalized recommendations and trend analysis – it’s the ultimate omnichannel sales tool” said Paul Tan, Director of Business Development for ScopeMedia.

ScopeBoutique is a series of interfaces that provide customers with personalized fashion recommendations at every step of the shopping process. ScopeStyle is a mobile app that helps customers discover fashion products through similar image search, complete the look, and style-based recommendations. ScopeActive provides similar features via in-store displays with brand-specific results based on inventory and promotional information. ScopeAssist is a tablet app that connects ScopeActive and the in-store POS system to provide sales associates with personalized customer and product information.

ScopeTrend is a tool for industry professionals to analyse trends as they move from the runway, into retail outlets, and then onto the streets. ScopeMedia’s proprietary computer vision model processes and tags millions of images from the top designers, brands, and influencers, allowing ScopeTrend users to search for trends and generate comprehensive reports.

ScopeFashion is powered by ScopeSDK, which can now be integrated into any pre-existing system, allowing companies to use Image Prediction, Similar Image Search, and Complete the Outfit to provide personalized product recommendations.


Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with offices in Beijing and Hangzhou, China, ScopeMedia Inc. is an artificial intelligence company with a focus on using computer vision to create industry specific apps and solutions. This approach allows ScopeMedia to provide vertically integrated products, such as to the fashion industry, by providing real time trend visibility to fashion brands. In cooperation with Canada’s top universities, ScopeMedia has led innovation in the both the video and image recognition AI fields since its founding in 2013.

Contact: Paul Tan, Director of Business Development. 1-604-559-6513.

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