tailored content for each customer

Personalized shopping experience drives conversion. With Scope Media's personalization suite your store can offer an elevated experience, tailored to each customer.

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Inspired by your browsing history which features a button up white dress, a collared off-white maxi dress and a heathered grey silk dress.

Key Features

showcase your best-sellers

Enhance product discovery by showing popular items from your product catalogue.

multiple touchpoints

Offer tailored content throughout the entire customer journey, such as home, product, and cart page and more.


Automated to stay up to date with your product inventory - saving you time and work.

How Will Personalization Improve Customer Experience?

Each customer will experience your website in a dynamic and unique way, increasing the likelihood of conversion. Your site will react to customer inputs, such as browsing and purchase history. Personalization will predict which content should be displayed based on its knowledge of the users inputs.

A man, Chris, filtered white colored items, clicked on hoodies, clicked on tops. He has three personalized picks fo him, everyday hoodie for $49.99, casual blazer for $55.99 and off white vans for $89.99
A woman, Melissa clicked on leather jackets and viewed dresses, she has three personalized picks for her, biker leather jacket for $89.99, maxi summer dress for $55.99 and velvet button up dress for $69.99.

What is eCommerce Personalization?

Personalization in eCommerce allows retailers to display different content to individual users based on their preferences or browsing history. Personalization allows you to tailor your customer journey and build better relationships - leading to repeat sales.