Fashion Solutions

ScopeMedia’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology is perfectly suited to help your business thrive in the fashion industry. Our computer vision models are specially designed to understand fashion concepts, from polka dots to peplums. This technology helps you stay ahead of the trends with data from fashion shows, product listings, and social media influencers. ScopeFashion’s APIs provide your customers with up-to-date recommendations based on the season, inventory availability, and your ever-evolving brand identity. Increase sales and customer engagement while reducing overstocks, stockouts, and returns and differentiate your brand by providing a personalized omnichannel shopping experience.


ScopeStylist is ScopeMedia’s innovative suite of interfaces that keep fashion retail customers engaged at every stage of the shopping process, from discovery to purchase.


Find stores near you, check your fashion score, and discover products with Similar Image Search and Complete the Outfit.


Engage customers with in-store displays that provide personalized recommendations and capture vital customer data.


Empower sales associates with information to deliver a personalized shopping experience using a convenient tablet application.

Fashion Index

The Scopemedia Fashion Index is a comprehensive trend analysis platform that provides insights from every stage of the trend life cycle. ScopeMedia’s proprietary fashion recognition technology analyses millions of images from top designers, brands plus social media influencers, and can tag them with over 40,000 fashion attributes.

Designers can use the Index to plan their next collection and explore runway trends from hundreds of fashion shows. Retailers can use the Index to track retail and social media trends from the most popular brands and influencers.

  • Browse images from the runway, retail, and social media
  • Compare trends and create customizable reports
  • Use Similar Image Search to find specific design features
  • Search for trends using image metadata and AI-generated tags

Simile | AI for eCommerce

ScopeMedia’s advanced artificial intelligence technology is available in APIs and applications that help you show your customers exactly what they’re looking for, whether or not they know it yet.

Similar Image Search

Help your customers purchase the items that inspire them. ScopeMedia’s Similar Image Search API will identify the products within your catalog that best match your customer’s image.

Image Prediction

Tag all the items in your catalog with the click of a button. ScopeMedia’s Image Prediction API also works on complex images to generate tags for social media and SEO.

Upsell & Cross-Sell

Offer AI-based product bundles & recommendations for every item in your catalog. Complete the Outfit suggests products to create complete looks, according to inventory levels, promotions, and your brand identity.