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Our global headquarters is based in the thriving tech community of Vancouver, Canada. We are proud to boast a team comprised of individuals from all around the world, including Canada, US, China, Germany, Poland, and many more. With our diverse backgrounds and expertise, we are able to provide our clients with dynamic and 360-degree solutions.

While our teams are spread out around the world, we always find time to video conference call with one another. Whether it is to learn about our latest technology breakthroughs, amazing clients, or any other fun news to our teams, we love sharing and connecting with each other.

Our workplace mentality is simple: work hard, play harder. Who doesn’t enjoy working in a fun and productive environment? With Waffle Wednesdays and Fiesta Fridays, we always have a reason to celebrate our weekly milestones.

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Images Recognized

“We’re disruptors and innovators, focused exclusively on computer vision technology to better understand images and videos.”

The way we communicate has changed, and it continues to evolve at a lightning speed. While in the past verbal and written communication methods were preferred, today’s generation focuses on their visual senses more than ever. Since founding in 2013, understanding pictures and videos has been at the core of what we do. By creating proprietary computer vision technologies, we are able to productize solutions across many different industries.

Our artificial intelligence software has created platforms for image and video recognition and processing, big data management, visualization, as well the marketing tools to understand customer sentiment and activity.

ScopeMedia is funded in part by Canadian technology accelerators: