AI Stylist

Visual-powered personal shopping 

Offer an in-person shopping experience, virtually. Our Al stylist turns customer inspiration into personalized, fashionable looks. Using computer vision, AI Stylist will find and style recommendations based on images that are either uploaded by the customer or found in your product catalogue.

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A woman wearing a striped tank. AI stylist suggest three products to complete the look, a drape jacket, grey linen skirt and black heeled slippers.

Key Features

style analysis

Visually recognizes styles and tags them. Such as "minimal", "casual", or "elegant".


A percentage rating is given to determine how trendy a look is.


Shows customers how to complete their outfits to achieve a stylish overall look.

A man standing by the water with a skateboard. His clothing is detected from the AI system which generates similar items that the user can purchase. His outfit is also has a fashion score of 85%.

Fashion Score

Do your customers need a second opinion? When shoppers upload a photo, our Al Stylist will generate personalized trend, product, and style guidance.

Style Discovery

A customer can upload an article of clothing of their choice. AI Stylist will find personalized pairings on how to complete or elevate the overall look based on a combination of their unique tastes as well as popular trends.

An image of a black bag with gold decal is uploaded. The AI stylist recommends a red dress and tall cognac heeled boots to complete the look.
Mobile friendly version of AI Stylist. Upload a strip shirt and AI Stylist generates products to complete the look.

AI Stylist on any Device

Our solutions are compatible with desktop or mobile.