Headquartered in downtown Vancouver, BC our team creates user centered solutions for thousands of retailers worldwide.

ScopeMedia Inc. enables advanced image and video classification with proprietary Artificial Intelligence powered by the latest deep learning neural network technology.

Our core AI as a service (AIaaS) exists as a cloud based API capable of powering any technology stack & the Simile platform is a series of applications that integrate into popular frameworks, like Shopify, with one click.

We provide an automated platform for matchmaking, recommendations and upselling to merchants all over the world.

Scopemedia allows businesses with limited data science capacities to access industry leading automation and artificial intelligence that keeps track of customer sentiment and improves over time.

Currently deployed at scale in thousands of retailers and e-commerce stores across the globe, the Scope platform is a collection of framework plugins for retailers built using our core API.

In the shifting landscape of data driven e-commerce, ScopeMedia’s mission of democratizing access to AI helps businesses access advanced technology to bridge the gap between in store and online with very little overhead.

As increased personalization across an array of touch points continues to drive e-commerce, ScopeMedia’s easily integrated AI Services help retailers provide a personal touch without the headaches.

ScopeMedia is proudly funded in part by
Canadian Technology Accelerators:


Our mission is to provide democratized access to Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for independent creators with the goal of making the visual world understandable to the computers that run it.

Our team of Data Scientist and Engineers are on the leading edge of deep learning neural network research to develop innovative computer vision solutions for all types of media format.

We teach computers to see and understand the styles that shape our culture in order to make the systems that drive commerce predictive and personalized to individual shoppers.


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